Asset Performance Management

Are you looking to avoid equipment failure and find out days or weeks ahead when and why an asset will fail?

Aspen MTell is a condition monitoring solution that uses automated Machine Learning to stop equipment from breaking down, makes them last longer, reduces maintenance costs, and increases the net product output of any process. Attend APR101 class to learn how to implement Aspen MTell solution that helps to create a world that doesn’t break down.

Are you a reliability engineer looking to predict future performance of your asset and quantify how events and uncertainties impact overall asset availability?

Aspen Fidelis Reliability is a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability tool that allows you to simulate the lifecycle availability of any system and predict its performance due to changes in design, capacity, operations, maintenance, logistics, market dynamics and even weather. Attend AFR101 class to learn the fundamentals of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability and how to utilize Aspen Fidelis Reliability to evaluate these key asset performance indicators.

APR101: Aspen Mtell Previse: Deploy & Use
Learn how to stop machines from breaking down and to last longer using Aspen Mtell Previse (3 Days, Basic). Prerequisites: None Learning Outcomes:
  • Perform conditioning and analysis of time-series sensor data.
  • Build and deploy advanced condition monitoring strategies.
  • Implement Operator Maintenance Advisory capabilities enabling operators to track open work orders.
PMV101: Optimize Plant Performance using multivariate data analysis
Learn how to use Aspen ProMV to improve understanding of key process relationships (2 Days, Basic). Prerequisites: None Learning Outcomes:
  • Use multi-block modelling to model your process.
  • Identify key contributors to poor process performance.
  • Optimize process performance.

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