Unparalleled Visualisation and Analytics in a Single Real-Time Environment

How do you effectively collect, manage and leverage the vast amount of data within your organisation? The key is an efficient Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Based on the ISA-S95 framework, aspenONE® MES delivers efficient data management, operational intelligence via rich visualisation and analytics, and improved production execution— enabling process manufacturers to quickly identify and resolve operational issues.

Bring together the power of data to operate your plant more efficient, with advanced visualisation software that helps production, quality and process engineers remedy and avoid events that limit production profitability.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System

Enhance Plant Production with AspenTech MES Solutions
Real-Time Database & Historian

Collect, store and utilise data for trending and reporting.

Enterprise Operations Reporting (EOR)

Powerful calculation and reporting solution for metal accounting and other reporting needs. Trending and Reporting.


Complete solution to manage plant delays for organisations.

Weighbridge Solutions

Fully integrated weighbridge solution for all products received, dispatched and weighed internal to your organisation.

Equipment Monitoring Solutions

Solution for managing assets and operations effectively to ensure cost efficiency.

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