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Industrial Artificial Intelligence - The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to industry has led industrial companies to enter a new era of self-optimising plants. By embedding AI across areas in Industrial solutions, plants will be able to increase operational excellence and margin capture, to increase process efficiency and profit margins.

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Shape the future of your plant with Industrial Artificial Intelligence solutions

AEmbedding Industrial AI solutions in your automation and control systems will promote self- optimising plants and processes, allowing the plant to determine its own pathways to success. Artificial Intelligence will allow the plant to improve performance over time, as it has the ability to learn new ways by collecting information about processes (imitating human reasoning and intelligence), and altering automation tasks accordingly.

Some advantages offered by Industrial Artificial Intelligence solutions include:

  • Problems in processes will be detected and solved more effectively, as Artificial Intelligence has the ability to assess a number of algorithms, in order to make decisions accordingly, to resolve issues easily.
  • Industrial Intelligence improves quality, accuracy and volume of data collection, to facilitate better machine learning and increased value.
  • AI provides intuitive guidance and more useful content to better support users, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence allows for automated and simplified creation and sustainment of models, resulting in faster and more personalised execution and processes in automation.
  • Making processes more efficient and a decrease in operational costs will result in a lower total cost of ownership.

Get in touch with 4Sight | BluESP today for more information about how Industrial Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into your process control systems.

Embed Industrial Artificial Intelligence solutions with 4Sight | BluESP

4Sight | BluESP is a leader in automation and control solutions, providing some of the latest technological developments for our customers to help them digitalise processes and control to improve efficiency, performance and profit margins. Gain a competitive edge with next-generation technology developed by AspenTech, from 4Sight | BluESP:

  • AspenTech® will help shape the future of your plant through combining data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Aspen Mtell® leverages Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with the purpose to improve asset uptime and asset health prediction, aiming to create safer environments, reduce emissions and improve profits.
  • Aspen Hybrid Models™ are able to build and maintain models more quickly, by modelling complex and difficult new processes, achieving results beyond that of conventional models.
Industrial Artificial Intelligence

4Sight | BluESP offer the latest technology for Process Engineering and Asset Performance Management, helping our customers gain a competitive edge by meeting the demands of the modern digital world.

The team of engineering experts at 4Sight | BluESP will provide state-of-the-art Industrial Artificial Intelligence solutions, helping your company gain the advantages of intelligent machines and processes.

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