Create the Foundation for the Self-Optimising Plant
by Embedding AI Across Industrial Solutions

A New Era of Industrial AI Increase operational excellence and margin capture by democratising the application of AI
and leveraging the cloud for enterprise scale to:
🔹 Solve complex problems more easily,
🔹 Accelerate value with higher quality, accuracy and access to enterprise data,
🔹 Provide intuitive guidance to better support users,
🔹 Automate and simplify the creation and sustainment of models,
🔹 Reduce total cost of ownership.


Industrial AI Accelerates Digital Transformation for Capital-Intensive Industries

The key to making AI work in real-world applications is getting the learning right – making it valuable and actionable. Industrial AI applications need to combine data science and AI with purpose-built software and domain expertise to deliver true business value.

Read this executive brief to learn how Industrial AI combines first principles science with domain expertise and AI to empower companies to:
🔹 Capture and share the knowledge of their experts,
🔹 Accelerate decision-making across the business,
🔹 Drive organisational alignment, and
🔹 Leverage advanced operational insights throughout the organisation.

Next-Generation Operational Technologies Enable the Smart Enterprise in a Changing World

As organizations around the world search for ways to thrive amid volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) market conditions, many are turning to Industry 4.0 technologies and new AI capabilities to gain a competitive edge. Download this paper to learn how tomorrow’s leaders will create not just the digital enterprise — but the truly smart enterprise of the future — and achieve operational excellence that is sustainable regardless of market conditions.


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