Enterprise Operations Management

4Sight Software solutions empower decision makers with actionable insights, anytime, anywhere resulting in operational excellence throughout the entire asset and operational lifecycle.

Higher Levels of Efficiency

The ability to capitalise and the data emanating from production assets is essential to achieving consistent operations, asset availability and production quality while maximising the return on investments. Companies are on different levels of operational maturity and the goal is to make efficiency improvement while leveraging existing automation investments. By leveraging Industry 4 Technologies such as IIoT devices & sensors, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Simulation together with optimising maintenance strategies this task can be accomplished cost effectively.

Empowering Decision makers with actionable insights using products & solutions from 4Sight Subsidiaries which enables customers to actively collect, visualize, analyse and act across the entire operational and asset lifecycle.

Digitally Empower People

4Sight’s Subsidiaries extensive product and services offering is designed to assist at every level, from engineering to planning, operations to asset performance analysis up to the corporate IT and ERP systems.

Empowering people from operators to executives with actionable insights to create smarter operations, build new product, create new disruptive models and guide them through the digital transformation process.

4IR Technologies and Services for Your end-to-end digital transformation journey

4Sight Holdings Subsidiaries operate within three distinct business Clusters that address the needs of key industry verticals. These include:
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