Asset Performance Management Companies in South Africa

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Asset Performance Management allows companies to monitor, assess and maintain the performance of their fixed assets, in order to optimise these assets for improved efficiency, performance and save on costs. Asset Performance Management plays a major part in the digital transformation for asset management, especially in industrial companies. New digital technologies offer improved reliability, better maintenance execution, and an increase in overall business performance.

Asset Performance Management by BluESP involves the implementation and integration of specialised software and services, designed to help optimise the performance of a your company's assets. Let the team from BluESP help you to achieve your business goals through effective management.

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The Importance of Asset Performance Management

Crossing over to a more modern and digital Asset Performance Management system offers a number of advantages for management. If your company is on a digital transformation journey, then upgrading your Asset Performance Management system is one of the main transformation areas. Some of the advantages of letting 4 Sight BluESP convert your Asset Performance Management system to a digital solution include:

  • Achieve your business goals: 4Sight BluESP will provide a Performance Asset Management solution that will help to achieve your business goals through effectively managing risk, minimising down-time and monitoring processes.
  • Tools and devices: A modern Asset Performance Management system includes state-of-the-art tools and devices used for reporting, management, decision-making by providing you with actionable insights.
  • Predictive maintenance: You will get accurate failure alerts weeks or even months in advance with real-time data and predictive analytics. This helps avoid costly break-downs and unnecessary expenses.
  • A Multi-Level Approach: You will be able to address issues at the equipment, process and system levels, through the combination of prescriptive maintenance, root cause analysis, RAM analysis and more.

4Sight BluESP

  • Aspen Mtell®
  • Aspen Fidelis Reliability™
  • Aspen ProMV™
  • Aspen Root Cause Analytics™
  • Aspen Connect™ Family

Our Asset Performance Management Solution

4Sight BluESP is a Partner of AspenTech, the world's number one Industrial Software developer and leaders in Industrial AI. AspenTech have developed Asset Performance Management software and solutions that combine data science and machine learning with domain expertise to deliver suitable, industrial applications that will drive sustainable business value. Let the leading choice of Asset Performance Management Companies in South Africa provide a solution that meets your company and process needs.

4Sight BluESP solutions:

  • Aspen Mtell®: Aspen Mtell® offers early and accurate warnings of equipment failure, for early mitigation and to avoid unplanned down-time.
  • Aspen Fidelis Reliability™: Take advantage of the effective reliability solution offered by Aspen Fidelis Reliability™. This system takes into account various aspects like process flows and the impacts of failures and repairs on overall plant performance and revenues.
  • Aspen ProMV™: Get clear and simple insights into the most important data with Aspen ProMV™, that offers excellent visualisation and easy interpretation.
  • Aspen Root Cause Analytics™: This system solution allows you to monitor, detect and mitigate future issues, through an automated root cause analysis process.
  • Aspen Connect™ Family: Aspen Cloud Connect™ and Aspen Edge Connect™ offer the ability to easily collect data from new and old assets, in real-time.
asset performance management companies South Africa
asset performance management companies South Africa
asset performance management companies South Africa
asset performance management companies South Africa

Process Engineering Solutions by BluESP

Reducing risks, errors and delays is a major area in Asset Performance Management. This can be achieved through a professional process engineering approach, which involves a thorough process analysis and strategic planning, design and simulation to pave the way forward.

BluESP is a Process Engineering company in South Africa that offers a comprehensive service, which includes the design of new and innovative processes for your plant, as well as an analysis and upgrade of existing process designs. BluESP offers process engineering solutions that are aimed at eliminating errors within processes, minimising downtime, and providing the ability to detect any process issues beforehand. BluESP offers a Process Engineering solution that includes Process Design and Simulation, Process Optimisation as well as a Model-backed Operational Support service.

Improve Efficiency with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) from BluESP

Asset Performance Management entails the complete capabilities of the capturing, integration, visualisation and analytics of data which works together for the main purpose of improving the reliability and performance of a plant's physical assets. Upgrading your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to a more modern solution is an essential step when it comes to the digitalisation of systems and processes.

Ensure that you plant's assets are managed effectively and that processes are running at optimal levels for the benefit of your company. Read more about state-of-the-art Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) supplied by BluESP. Your partner in Asset Performance Management solutions.

Drive measurable and immediate results to your bottom line with a trusted APM solution from the worlds no 1 Industrial Software Company.

Drive measurable and immediate results to your bottom line with a trusted APM solution from the worlds no 1 Industrial Software Company.

Digitally transform your Asset Performance Management with 4 Sight BluESP

Take hands with 4Sight BluESP for a seamless digital transformation of your Asset Performance Management system. Keep your assets running at optimal efficiency, while improving safety and eliminating costly unplanned downtime. Contact us to discuss your business needs today.

4Sight BluESP - a leader among Asset Performance Management companies in South Africa.

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