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Aspen InfoPlus.21

Real Time Information Management Foundation (MES101)
Obtain an overview of the Aspen InfoPlus.21 system - Database, Historian, Data Transfer and System Administration. Get real-world Aspen InfoPlus.21 experience through hands-on labs and exercises. Learn how to implement and configure an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system including database security, data back up, and data transfer from DCS/PLC. Learn how to supervise, maintain, and troubleshoot an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system.
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aspenONE Process Explorer

Process Explorer (MES121)
View data coming from your process using aspenONE Process Explorer. Customize the appearance of trend plots to suit your application. Specify plots based on statistical analysis of process data (aggregates). Exploit all the features offered by aspenONE Process Explorer concerning process data trending and graphic creation/viewing. Integrate real-time or historical data from your process into Windows desktop programs, such as Microsoft Excel. Configure Alarm Alerts and Alert Subscription to monitor your process variables and make sure they stay within defined specs.
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Aspen SQLplus

Aspen SQLplus for Aspen InfoPlus.21: Using and Configuring for Power Users (MES121)
Learn how to write and execute SQL queries to maintain, view, or manipulate Aspen InfoPlus.21 data and how to integrate data from Aspen InfoPlus.21 with other data sources. Configure versatile reports using Aspen SQLplus Reporting Tool. Some knowledge of Aspen InfoPlus.21 database concepts is expected. Prior completion of the PME101 or MES101 Aspen InfoPlus.21 Real Time Information Management Foundation Course will greatly enhance the value of this course.


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Aspen DMCplus Controller

Introduction to aspenONE Advanced Process Control - Operating and Maintaining Controllers Online (APC120).
In this course you will learn how to identify and explain the basic concepts of Advanced Process Control and AspenTech APC solutions. You will build and interact with controllers using Aspen Production Control Web Server. You will become familiar with modeling test methods and procedures and learn how to troubleshoot a DMCplus controller. This course is the equivalent of the first two days of APC101: Introduction to Aspen DMCplus for APC Engineers as well as first two days of APC105: Introduction to Aspen Process Controller Builder for APC Engineers.
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Aspen Watch

Aspen Watch Performance Monitor - Real Time Monitoring and Maintaining Controllers Online (APC210)
Learn how to use Aspen Watch KPI to analyze and troubleshoot controller performance, and how to detect and repair model mismatch in Aspen DMCplus controllers. Learn to sustain the benefits achieved by your control applications. Learn how Aspen Adaptive Control can help improve performance of the controller through generating and deploying updated models.
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Aspen Process Control Builder

Aspen Process Control Builder: Introduction to Aspen DMC3 Builder Modeling and Building Controllers for Industrial Processes (APC120)
Learn how to model test methods and procedures using DMCplus and DMC3 controller (3 Days, Basic). Identify characteristics of linear versus nonlinear, dynamic, and empirical models. Use DMCplus and DMC3 Model. Connect online controller to operate a plant.

Aspen Performance Management (APM)

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Aspen Mtell

Predict and Prevent Asset Failure using Aspen Mtell (APR101)
The Aspen Mtell application is a condition monitoring solution that uses automated Machine Learning to stop machines breaking down, makes them last longer, reduces maintenance costs, and increases the net product output of any process. In this training, learn the Aspen Mtell easy implementation methodology so you can automatically create many Machine Learning Agents for a single asset with one-click. Practice automatic Agent tuning for the best accuracy and earliest detection of excursions from normal behavior, and the precise patterns that match degrading conditions that lead to failure.
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Aspen ProMV

Optimise Plant Performance using multivariate data analysis (PMV101)
This course will help you prepare for the certification exam and the exam fee is waived with this course. Manufacturers are collecting more data than ever but face the challenge of deriving useful information from these large data sets. Part of the challenge is understanding the relationships amongst all the available variables (raw materials, process conditions etc.) and how these relationships impact process performance (yield, final quality etc.)

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